Chikungunya is a viral disease that is transmitted to human beings by mosquito bites. It is not possible to contract the chikungunya fever from another human being. The condition is not a fatal one and for now there are no specific vaccines or medicines available but mosquito control is the best method of prevention of chikungunya.

Symptoms of Chikungunya fever include chills, nausea, vomiting, fever, joint pains and head aches. Chikungunya may happen suddenly and often is accompanied with some rashs on the skin. However the most painful symptom is severe joint pain. Mouth ulcers, conjunctivitis and los of taste may also hassle patients of chikungunya. It is not a fatal condition, but the effects can last for years. The fever will subside early but joint pains may remain for many, many years.There are no drugs available to treat this fever however, the symptoms can be treated. When one suffers from this condition, it is ideal that one consults their doctor and prescribes to the treatment that they suggest
With the virus now in Europe, mainly in Italy, Chikungunya is gaining fast attention around the world. On the treatments front, Ayurveda has been doing wonders in the treatment of Chikunguya (commonly mispelt as Chikungunya).If you already know about the treatments of this disease, you will know that there is not such thing as a proper cure or treatment for this disease.


Take diet rich in proteins, calcium such as milk & vitamins

Avoid junk food

Do regular physical activities without stressing out the body

Always take light salt in meals

Avoid meals including curd, rice, kadi, rajma (red kidney beans), bhindi ,choley, muli (radish), arbee(taro root), urad ki daal, gobhi (cauliflower), brinjal, sitaphal (sugar apple).


Warm coconut oil to be mixed with. camphor should be massaged an aching joint with soft not massage gently.plz avoid air contacts after massage therapy.

Intake of Ĺ tea spoon of turmeric ( haldi) powder with milk or with water help in pain and in swelling too.

Mix 5 drops of ginger oil with 20 drops of almond oil and massage into tender areas.avoid air contact after massage.

Avoid cold water treatments and cold bath and cold sprays too.

Arthrithis patients always recommended to take calcium , zinc and vit c .

Olive oil massage also relax in paining joints.

Steam bath after massage helps In pain but avoid air contact after it.

Prepare garlic pate and apply on affected area, itís a effective home remedy .

Eating 2-3 garlic slices to get relief from pain.

2 spoon of honey mix with 1 spoon of apple cider vinegar in warm water and drink this mixture, helps in paining joints. Note: not for people who suffer from acidity.

Alfalfa teahelps in joint pains.

Take Ĺ tea spoon of guggul twice a day after meal with very good in arthrithis.

Intake of 5gm of ashwagandha with warm milk good in arthrithis .

Take bath with warm water after adding some salt in will relieves joints and strengthen bones and improves blood circulation.

Intake of aloevera juice also helps in joint pain.

Intake of meethi dana with aloevera also works in pain.

Sauth, suranjaan, ashwagandha mixture powder to be taken with hot milk in the morning is very effective in joint pain after chikingunya fever.

Intake of halwa of aloevera helps in paining joints.


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