infertility in a man can be defined as inability to reproduce.or inability in a man to induce Conception.It  is aprob of grave concern for childless cuples.who feel that life is void without having a child.

Infertility can be due to factors affecting one or both the partners.

The man's sperms have to be healthy, in sufficient numbers and finally they need to be deposited high enough in the woman's vagina to make their way to an ovum.

If there is trouble with conception, it could be because:

The man's sperm count is low, or

Because there is a blockage in his spermatic tubes.

Similarly in the woman's case:

She may not be producing eggs.

Her Fallopian tubes may be blocked.

Sometimes her womb can be retroverted (tipped backwards) or filled with fibroids .

Her cervical mucous can be hostile to sperms

Infertility in a man caused mailnly bcoz of low sperm countor poor sperm qualityand motility.the main reason believed to be environmental pollution affecting food , water , and air.

Main cause are:

Stress ,anxiety, depression can become potential cause of low or poor sperm count.that may result in infertility.

bcoz of erectlie dysfunction , inability of men the sperm could not reach the destination and hence infertility is caused.

chemicals use in condoms are believed to be harm the quality of sperm and its motility

genetic reasons also matters in infertility

excess of alcohol and smoking also reduce sperm quality

spicy food affects also

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