Leucorrhoea,IS A CONDITION commonly seing among women commonly known as whites, refers to a whitish discharge from the female genitals. It is an abnormal disease condition of the reproductive organs of women. The condition may continue for weeks or months at a time. If not treated properly in the initial stages, it may become chronic. There are various reasons behind why it happens. Like infections, sexually transmitted diseases, increased levels of toxins in the body, Unhygienic habits and wrong eating habits. The common symptoms of leucorrhoea are white discharge from vagina, fatigue, stomachaches, constipation and headaches, backaches. In addition to the whitish discharge from the vagina, the patient feels weak and tired. She also suffers from pain in the lumbar region and the calves, and experiences a dragging sensation in the abdomen. It is better to treat leucorrhoea in its early phase.

Leucorrhoea Diet:
Fruit juice diet:
To begin with, the patient should fast for three or four days on fruit juices for the elimination of the morbid matter.
All fruit diet, well balanced diet thereafter
After a short juice fast, she may adopt an all-fruit diet for about a week, taking three meals a day of fresh juicy fruits. The patient may, thereafter, gradually embark upon a well-balanced diet, with emphasis on wholegrain cereals, fresh fruits, and raw and steamed vegetables.
Avoid white flour productsm white sugar etc.
Avoid alcohol, spicy meals, fried meals, non veg, egg, dry fruits(kaju, badam, akhrot, pista)
She should avoid all forms of white flour, white sugar, fried and greasy foods, condiments, preserves, tea, and coffee.
Home remedies for Leucorrhoea:
Fenugreek Seeds: Add three teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in one-liter water and on a low flame boil this water for about half an hour. After this strain it and drink it when it becomes cool. Fenugreek seeds are very useful in treating the leucorrhoea.

Rice Water: While cooking rice, don't throw the water that you used for making rice. Add some sugar to this water and drink it. This is one of the very effective home remedies for leucorrhoea.

Coriander Seeds: Soak some coriander seeds in water and keep it for overnight. Next day early morning, on an empty stomach drink this water. You will need to follow this remedy for about one week to see the desirable results.

Ladyfingers: Ladyfingers are very useful in curing the leucorrhoea. Prepare one decoction from ladyfingers by adding about 200 grams of ladyfingers in one-liter water. Keep this mixture on the low flame till the time the water reduces to half its quantity. You can add some sugar before drinking this mixture or have it as it is if you don't mind its taste.

Amalaki Powder: Add some sugar into two teaspoon of amalki powder and eat it twice in a day.

Betel Nut: After every meal, chew few betel nuts, as they are very effective in preventing leucorrhoea.

Cranberry Juice: In leucorrhoea drinking cranberry juice is very effective and gives relief from the symptoms of leucorrhoea.

Bananas: Eat one or two bananas on a daily basis; it will prevent leucorrhoea from occurring.

Sandalwood Oil: Take about five drops of sandalwood oil twice in a day preferably once in the morning and again in the evening. This will be helpful in treating leucorrhoea.

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