Loose Motion(Diarrhea)

Loose Motion sor Diarrhea can be caused by infection, antibiotics, or teething in children. In diarrhea or dysentery, you have loose motions frequently. In acute case, your stool becomes very watery and quite frequently. If you loose too much water, you may suffer by dehydration.When the system fails to digest the rich food, the body rejects it as it is in the form of the loose motion.


Intake of 5gm of isabgol with curd helps in loosemotion.

Lime juice or lime water works good in diarrhea.it balance the quantity of water in human body.

Intake of cud with rice and curd with banana works good in motions .

Butter milk or chaach are very effective in motion, you can add some salt , spoon of sugar in it.take 3-4 times a day.

Half cup of tea to be mixed with cold water and intake in just one sip stop motion immediately.

Mattha with bhuna hua jeera helps in motions.

Wood apple (bel ka powder) with water or mattha helps in giving relief rom motions.

Mix one teaspoon of powdered rice with glass of butter milk heels too, you can add salt also for taste.

Ginger tea helpful for thosewho having cramps in the stomach .

Take one spoon of wild oregano oil mixed with butter milk worksgood.2-3 times a day.

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