Night Fall

Nightfall is also known as nocturnal emission or wet dreams. This problem occurs during sleep, when there is a leakage of semen. In other words we can say that the problem of nightfall or night emission is referred to leakage of semen while seeing erotic dreams during sleep.. The problem of nightfall occurs in males especially during their teenage or adult years. Usually erotic dreams accompany nocturnal emission. This problem may continue for many years starting from adulthood. Usually this problem of nightfall attacks single men. Even some married men also suffer from the problem of nocturnal emissions.usually the dream which is accompanied by night fall or wet dreams is is not necessary for a person at that condition to dream abt sex.

Generally wet dreams a re not harmful.these symptoms are the sign for the development of reproductive organs. Same time if someone didn't have any symptoms like this then he should not a sign of normal condition.but if night falls occurs frequently then it will be a matter ofpoor erection quality, thinning of semen, rapid climax and general body weakness in future.

All this problem of nightfall as well as semen leakage can be easily and effectively treated with the help of herbal supplements. Out of various treatments, herbal remedies are the best.PAUD people having several wonder herbal suplements for the problem of nightfall .the herbal supplements mixed with herbs and Shilajit and they are highly effective and widely used for treating leaking of semen in urine. These herbal medicines which are used for treating the problem of nightfall and semen leakage improve our reproductive system, urinary system and also increase physical strength. The herbal medicines are made from natural ingredients so there are no side effects. Take these herbal medicines regularly on time to cure the problem of nightfall and semen leakage soon.

Note: for people suffering from night fall

try to wash ur feet properly at night before to go to bed.

some people says taking god name or remembering god at night before to go to bed prevents from erotic dreams.and thus helps in preventing from night fall.

avoid erotic chats with friends

Sometimes leaking of semen in urine also happens.involuntary emission of semen without orgasm after or with pasing the uriene is known a s leaking of semen in urine.there are many reasons for such problems.this prob can rise to many sexual prob in future and can make ur sex life miserable, apart from these, these prob can cause mental tension and physical weakness and lack of confidence and self esteem .
Causes: generally over masturbation is considered as the major cause of semen leakage in urine.over masturbation  exerts pressure on liver and weakens the parasympathetic nervous system which weakens the male reproductive organ.
Some people suffer with these condition due to prob related to genetics or injuries to reproductive organ.

Symptoms: normally a person sees few drops of semen after passing of urine.sometime person discharges in the undergarments after few minutes of urination.

Paud having several herbal formulas for curing urinary system infections.they are being used from decades to clear the urinary infection like prostates, semen leakage, general body weakness ans sexual disorders.

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