Sitting too long in same posture

Slip Disc

Back pain more often than not portrays itself like a slipped disc, muscles spasm or muscle strain. The pain that is experienced due to this condition can be quite unbearable, particularly when it affects the lower back.There are a variety of causes of back pain and they differ from one person to the next. The most common cause of a slip disc is lifting of objects using the wrong form. The object that you are lifting does not necessarily have to be very heavy since even lifting a light object in the wrong way can cause damage, especially if you are not using the correct muscles of the back. This condition is also common among people who undertake certain types of jobs that require prolonged periods of either standing or sitting down. A simple task such as working in the garden or even shoveling snow can also lead to a slip disc if done in the wrong manner. The strain that is encountered as we perform these activities may cause a spinal disc to bulge out and thus put pressure on the adjacent structures and nerves.

It is essential that you realize that there are things that you can undertake to assist in alleviating pain. Bed rest has long been considered to help in relieving the pain in the back. On the other hand, doctors have recently found out that any form of movement or physical activity goes a long way in making sure that the pain is reduced as well as protecting against further occurrences. It is highly recommended that you also use hot and cold compresses. These forms of treatment ought to be administered in the form of heating pads, hot water bottles or ice packs. When you use any of the aforementioned methods, make sure that you only use them for twenty minutes so as not to weaken the muscles. Over the counter pain killers are also recommended. Once your pain starts to diminish, you are advised to start a light workout program so as to strengthen the muscles of the back. First and foremost, consult your doctor prior to starting any exercises. A light warm up is also essential before the exercises.

Following are the factors which are responsible for lower back pain

Strain on back

Lifting of heavy weights.

Undue pressure o back causing straining of the ligaments

Disc prolepses

Injury to the musculature of the back region

Slip dics

Certain diseases like arthritis, obesity, tuberculosis, dysmenorrhea, bone tumors, osteoporosis etc. is also considered as the culprits in causing back pain.

Improper diet, eating juk food

No physical activities



Improper functioning of kidney


Too much physical labor

Irregular menstrual cycle in women

Sitting too long in same posture

Wearing high heel shoes


Sleeping in wrong posture

Symptoms of bachache:

Pain in lower back and middle portion

Pain around hips and waist

Reduced flexibility of spine

Sometimes sciatica also

There are several useful tips to avoid backache and these include:

Improve your posture

Wear flat shoes with a good arch support if you stand for long periods of time

Regular back and abdominal exercises can keep your back in excellent physical condition

Take regular breaks and move around rather than sit or stand in one position for several hours

Ensure that your mattress provides firm support

Sit on an ergonomic chair when working on a computer or make sure that your chair supports the small of your back

Sleep on your side (in an S shape) or place pillows between your knees to provide comfort to your back

Reduce the weight of your handbag, as a heavy load creates stress on your spine

If you lift heavy objects, bend at the hips and knees, and keep your back straight

Avoid wearing high heeled shoes, as they can lead to back pain

Certain yoga asana are very beneficial in relieving from back pains . these are:

Bhujang asana

Uttarpad asana

Shalabh asana

Shabva asana

Hala asana

Some mild stretching for your healthy back

Lay down strait on the firm floor and slowly raise your both legs upwards, till the point you are comfortable and hold your breathe for some time and then slowly and gradually come back to the initial position. One thing you should be very careful that if you feel pain while doing this, stop doing it immediately and relax.

Lay on your back and your hands are positioned slightly away from your body. Put your feet together. Do some deep breathing and try to relax and concentrate on your lower back for a minute. Now carefully and slowly start turning your feet in right and simultaneously your head to left side. Hold in the position that does not cause pain, take few deep breathes and the slowly come back to the original position. Reverse the whole activity. Perform this exercise 10 times a side. Again you should be very careful that if you feel pain while doing this, stop doing it immediately and relax.


Avoid over exertion, should not lift heavy things and not to carry too much at a time.

Lift with legs, not the back.bend your knees whenever you wish to pick up something heavy or light, keep back straight

It is advisable to eliminate pulses from your diet , rice & curd also

Exercise regularly, but avoid over doing of exercise. take a moderate amount regularly will do more good then strenuous exercise on rare occasions.

Change sitting positions frequently

Sleep on hard mattresses instead of soft one.

Take care that the chair makes contact with the spine fully when u sit on it.


Take small amount of ajwain seeds & put it in a small cloth, put this bundle on alreadyheated container and let the bundle heated.apply it over the back, it will give you relief.

Make a paste of lime stone and honey and paste on affected area, its too good for back pain.

Heat & ice therapy are simple & very effective in pain

Massage back with mint oil, its a best home remedy

Doing yoga in slipped disc works good (note-only some yoga asans works in slipped disc)

Application of raw potato in the poultice form has been very effective.

Intake of a tea spoon of sesame oil, soaked in cupof water and keep over night. has been found to be effeicient in slipped disc.

Intake of 2 table spoons of lemon juice with a tea spoon of honey mixed with warm water is helpful in curing backache.

Warm coconut oil to be mixed with camphor should be massaged an aching joint with soft not massage gently.plz avoid air contacts after massage therapy.

Intake of tea spoon of turmeric ( haldi) powder with milk or with water help in pain and in swelling too.

Mix 5 drops of ginger oil with 20 drops of almond oil and massage into tender areas. avoid air contact after massage.

Slipped disc patients always recommended to take calcium , zinc and vit c

Eating 2-3 garlic slices to get relief from pain

2 spoon of honey mix with 1 spoon of apple cider vinegar in warm water and drink this mixture, helps in paining back. Note: not for people who suffer from acidity

Take tea spoon of guggul twice a day after meal with very good in backache

Intake of 5gm of ashwagandha with warm milk good in slipped disc

Intake of aloevera juice also helps in backache

Sauth, suranjaan, ashwagandha mixture powder to be taken with hot milk in the morning is very effective in slipped disc


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