Skin allergy is the body’s over-reaction to one or more allergens. There are thousands of different allergens all around us and almost any substance can provoke an allergic reaction in someone (who is very sensitive) in our environment.
Skin allergy types : There are four main types of skin allergy, each caused by different allergens. Fortunately, there are many ways to relieve the symptoms. But in order to choose an appropriate treatment, it’s important to identify which type of allergy you have


*Contact dermatitis

The Greek word ‘Dermatitis’ means ‘inflammation of skin’, is caused by touching a certain substance. In most cases, the main symptom is a red rash, but it could be one of a number of allergens that causes it, including metals, chemicals, rubber, plants and even pets.

Allergens such as dust mites, moulds, plant pollens, pets and any number of pollutants

Prickly heat
Warm weather often causes the itchy red rash known as prickly heat. The exact reason is not known till date, but some people think it’s due to sweat getting trapped under the skin
Bites and stings
Irritations from insect bites and stings can be uncomfortable but reactions tend to be short lived.
This type of allergy is often called nettle rash, because it comes up as an itchy red rash, raised in the middle. Confusingly, it has nothing to do with stinging nettles at all but is caused by eating a certain food or taking a particular drug.
Symptoms of Skin Disease  
There are several different types of skin diseases that can affect you and the symptoms for each are different. In case of superficial skin disorders, the symptoms are usually visible and can be identified by sight. Given below are some of the most common symptoms for skin diseases:

Appearance of sores on the skin, which may ooze, rupture or crust over

Itchiness on the skin, which may increase in intensity during the night

Fluid-filled blisters appearing on the skin


Changes in the color of the skin


Tiny bumps or pustules


Blood vessels that seem visible on the cheeks and nose

Gritty or burning sensation in the eyes


Easy flushing of the skin


Eruption of small white spots with a bluish-white center, found mainly within the mouth, especially on the inner lining of the cheek

Patches that are brownish or grayish in color


Scaling or thickening of skin, with the formation of cracks in them

Rawness or increased sensitivity in the skin because of itching

Swelling on certain patches of skin


Bleeding from cracks and dry patches on the skin

Discoloration on the nails, fingertips and certain parts of the skin

In many cases, skin diseases can trigger off symptoms that are not visible.

Causes of Skin Disease
Skin diseases are widely prevalent all over the world, even though most of them can be prevented. In many instances people suffer from skin diseases, because it runs in their family. However, many a times, skin diseases are a result of environmental factors. The causes for each type of skin disease could vary. Some of the common causes of skin diseases include:

Exposure to harmful chemicals that can damage the skin and lead to severe disease, such as skin cancer. You could be at a high risk of a skin disease, in case you deal with substances like coal, creosote, tar, arsenic, paraffin or radium on a regular basis.

Getting a cut, scrape or a wound on the surface of the skin. Bacteria can enter the body through these open lesions and can lead to an infection or a disease

Close contact with a person who already suffers from a skin disease and has open sores on the skin.

Sharing personal items, like food, utensils, clothes, linen, towels, combs and toys with an infected person, because of which the disease-causing germs spread There are several other day to day factors too, that could aggravate or even trigger off skin diseases, infections and disorders. These everyday factors include:

Consumption of hot food and beverages

Being under a tremendous amount of stress

Eating high amounts of spicy food

Engaging in unhealthy practices like smoking

Sitting in the hot sun for a long period of time and getting too much sunlight

Exercising strenuously for longer periods than is recommended

Spending too much time in saunas and hot tubs

Using certain drugs and medication, like corticosteroids

Consuming an excessive amount of alcohol

Tips to prevent

For complete skin protection make a strong tea with neem leaves and add to the bath along with a little rose water.

Avoid eating outside food. The outside food contains more spices and more oil, which is as it is not good for you. There are chances that the food not being cooked in hygienic conditions. You can easily stop eating outside food and gain beautiful skin.

Eat healthy, as eating healthy will not only build your immune system and make you immune to various diseases but will also give you beautiful and young looking skin. For getting such glowing skin, you spend so much on buying those expensive creams. Have small meals at regular intervals and drink plenty of water and fruit juices. This will help in having good digestion and also body will be able to excrete the unwanted stuff easily.

Two times in a month have only liquids for about two to three days. This will cleanse your system and make you lead a healthy life along with preventing the skin allergies.

Caffeine and alcohol consumption should also be reduced or stopped completely, as both these things damage your overall health. These things can also cause various skin allergies.

Applying ice over the affected skin will also give relief from the itching and irritation of the skin.

In hot boiling water add some oats and allow it to cool for some time. Then strain this mixture and put it into ice tray. In short prepare ice from this mixture. Rubbing this ice cubes over the affected skin will give fast relief form the skin allergies. This is one of the very effective home remedies for skin allergies.

Drinking lemon water is also effective to keep the heat away during the summer season. Thus it will prevent prickly heat from occurring.

Apply some fresh aloe Vera gel over the affected skin, as this will give cooling effect to the skin and thus give relief from the pain and itching.

Home remedies
1 Mix few drops of rose water into sandalwood powder and prepare paste from it. Apply this paste over the skin allergy.
2 Vitamin C is effective for having a beautiful skin. Hence include fruits and vegetables that are rich source of vitamin C in your diet.
3 use coconut oil on allergies .
4 apply honey directly on the scars and leave it must be done frequently so the scars get enough time to get healed.
5 olive oil is also used in removing scars.
6 almond oil also used to removing skin cars.apply and gently masage the effected area.
7 tomato juice extract good for scrs treatment.
8 multani miitti pack also works in allergies.
9 cucumber also used in removing dark scars.

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