Weak Eracation

It can be descibed as weakness of erection which results in inability to keep an erection strong enough to continue sex during love making.it occurs only when the male reproductive organ do not receive sufficient blood flow to get erect.biological term is  erectlile dysfunction or impotence.

It commonly a male prob and occurs in elder ones than t he younger ones.erection is said to be weak if either he does not get hard enough to penetrate or is unable to maintain the hardness during sex.

Major Causes-
Erection is done due to supply of blood which is pumped into the tissues with in the male organ.hence any disruption in flow of blood affects erection adversely.Causes are:

stress is a mojor cause of erection.person living in anxiety and depression report more of this prob.

obesity is a factor leads to weak erection.

diabetes damage the nerve system in a men resulting in weak erection.

alcohol , drugs

physical exercise keeps men healthy and active.dull life lead to weak erection.

excess of some medicines caused weak erection.

deficiency of vit and minerals in the body also causes weak erection.

It can be reversed with change in life style and with the help of some ayurvedic medicines and herbs.like sleeping well, stop alcoholing, smoking, losing weight, exercises, using herbal supplements which helps in strengthening and rejuvenate reproductive organ. 

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