Stomach acidity or hyper acidity is a common problem.our stomach produce acid to digest food that we eat.its a regular and natural process. Whenever whatever we eat, cells within the linning of stomach pumps acid to digest that food. Problem occurs when these cells produce large amount of acid ,more than your stomach needs, that will cause stomach acidity.. IN this you will have a burning sensation just above the stomach or right below your breastbone. You may have a sour taste in your mouth. Acid regurgitation oftentimes results to heart burn & pain near to heart area. It is not caused be serious medical condition. sudden acidity triggered by foods that we eat. fatty & spicy food are harder to digest then most food. Effect that cells have to produce more acid to digest that food and results in causing acidity. sometimes anxiety also causes acidity. Sometimes people think heartburn is a heart disease bit it because of acidity.heartburns occurs when gastric acid goes up to the esophagus. The acid gives burning sensation of surrounding area near the heart.. increase in the level of calcium n the body can lead to stomach acidity.GALLSTONES deposits in gall bladder causes acidity. Wilh gallstones the gallbladder cannot function well, with this excess gastric acid stay in the stomach which causes acidity.



Intake of alcohol

Not eating on time

Eating spicy food

Eating oily food

Intake of excess of tea & juices

Remain empty stomach

Intake of mango pickle

Arhar ki daal & sambhar makes acidity too


Cut a lemon into thin strips, dip in salt.Eat before meal to prevent from heartburn

Avoid tea, juice,fried meals, spicy meals, mango pickles,pigeon pea dal(arhar ki daal).

Eat banana daily

Drink plenty of water, coconut water also works , drink 2-3 glases daily

Chewing of mint leaves in the morning helps in acidity

Powder of big cardamoms to be mixed with pinch of khane ka soda (sodium bicarbonate) helps in getting rid from gas and acidity

Chewing of cloves in the morning

Glass of cold milk gives relief from acidity

Vanilla ice crème also gives reief from ac idity

Take a short walk after meal for good digestion.

Maintain a gap of 2-3 hours between dinner and bed time.

Avoid every stomach for long time, take something to eat in every 2 hours.

Avoid antibiotics, which disturb the stomach and may cause acidity.

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