Anxiety is just like hell .you know our heart perpetration increases before a big presentation or a before examination .butterfly in stomach before a blind date, body swatting or sometimes stomached before to go in front of boss or teacher. feeling scared in facing small problems .all are symptoms of anxiety disorder. Its normal to worry and feel tense or scared when we go under pressure or facing a stressful situation.”Anxiety is a automatic alarm that goes off when we threatened” . but it can also help us to stay alert and focused, spur to action and motivate us to solve problem. But when we crossed the line from normal to anxiety disorder line, it start interfere with our relationship. Anxiety is not a single disorder it’s a group of disorders, it varies from person to one who suffersfrom anxiety “attack without warning”, same side others get panic at the thought of attacking. some people struggles with fear and some start worrying and taking tensions.


pounding heart


Stomach upset

Breath shortness

Urination frequently




Chest pain

Depression makes anxiety more worse. already called two leaves from same stem. anxiety attacks suddenly, its usually peak in 10 min.but during thattime the terror can be so severe that you feel like to about to die.some time people think that they will get heart attack.

Generalized anxiety disorder- constant worries, something bad to going to happen, distraction from daily activities, insomnia, restless and stomach upset

Obsessive compulsive disorder- unwanted thoughts, behave like impossible to control, recurring worries

Panic disorder- repeated, unexpected panic attacks, fear of facing another episode of life, start avoiding public places & malls

Phobia- fear of flying, fear of snakes, fear of height

Past-traumatic stress disorder- aftermath of a traumatic or life threatening event.includes flashback, night mares, avoiding situations that remind you that event.

Social anxiety disorder- fear of facing public, socializing, extreme shyness, avoiding social situations.

It’s a emotional and physical unpleasant state which includes negative emotions as discuss earlier. Long term anxiety causes high b.p. , migraine, insomnia, heart attacks.


1) Having a cup of tea gives relax to anxiety patient

Warm bath- relax your inside out and providing you relief

Having ginseng- it’s a powerful antianxiety herb & helps in maintaining emotional imbalance

Exercising, deep breathing, socializing

Try to avoid caffeine, sweeteners, & food that cause acidity


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