Colitis is swelling (inflammation) of the large intestine (colon).

The colon (large bowel or large intestine) is responsible for collecting and storing the waste products of digestion. It is a long muscular tube that pushes undigested food towards the anus for eventual elimination as a bowel movement. Food is digested in the stomach into a liquid slurry that passes through the small intestine where the nutrients are absorbed into the body for use. When the liquid mixture enters the colon, it mixes with mucus and normal bacteria that reside in the colon. The wall of the colon has numerous layers. There is a smooth muscle layer that wraps the outside and is responsible for squeezing the undigested food through the length of the colon. The inner layer, or mucosa, comes into contact with the fluid and allows the absorption of water and electrolytes, which helps to solidify the feces (poop). The mucosal layer is where the colon inflammation occurs and is responsible for the symptoms of colitis.

Itís a disease in which patient suffers a pain and inflammation in colon. Main causes of colitis:


Prolong constipation

Stressful life style

Unhealthy food habbit

Over dose of antibiotics & medicine

People who does not have proper movement or whose digestive system fails to digest meal may suffer from colitis.
SYMPTOMS of colitis:

Abdominal bloating

Abdominal pain

Bloody stools



Intestinal gas

Long term colitis cause pain in back or in legs too .person suffering from colitis severe pain in abdomen which makes him weak that result in pain in legs and in back too.
HOME remedies for Colitis:

Apple and banana are effective in colitis. as per doctors having 2-3 ripe of bananas in a day is very effective in colitis. even raw banana works to good.apples rich in iron and phosphate thatís why its good for colitis. Intake of boiled apple is a best home remedy.

Intake of rice & curd is very good good colitis patient. intake of small bowl of rice with a cup or curd and a banana, works too good.

Buttermilk (chaach) is effective for colitis patient

Try to avoid milk because it is laxative.but take milk products like chaach, curd, chena (rasgulla), paneer etc.


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