IT is basically known as JWARA.Its is defines as a state when body temp rises from normal temp (normal temp 98 units).It may be just bcoz of infections, cold, bodyache, nausea, abdominal pain, insects bites ( dengue, chikingunya) & swine flu etc. In ayurveda fever are classifieds according to TRIDOSHA’S- VATTA ,PITTA , OR KAPHA and are said to result from combined effects of three humours.

Usually body starts shivering and increase in muscle tone because of rise in temp..IN a healthy adult men and women range of normal , healthy temp for oral temp is (91.8-100 F)..normally body temp vary dpending on many factors including age, sex, time of day, activity level and more. Raised temp is not always a fever.sometimes patients used to suffer from acidity has wasm body but that will not be included in a fever.

Fever serves a s one of the body’s natural defense against bacteris and viruses which can not live at higher temperature. For that reasons lower fever should normally go untreated.also the body’s defense’s mechanism seems to wok more efficiently at a higher temperature.


A luke warm bath or sponge bath will help to cool down a high fever.never use cold water.

GO for bed rest, avoid moving around that lead to rise in body temp.

Take light food avoid heavy meal.


Boiling root powder to prepare a concentrate (1 cup reduced to ˝ cup)could be taken in fever.

Always use boil water in fever for drinking.

You can boil 2-3 tulsi & peepal leaves in water and drink that water.

The bark of tamarind act as astringent and tonic, help in reducing fever.

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